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Is it really possible to be a Great Therapist AND a Confident Entrepreneur?

YES. Absolutely, unarguably, emphatically, YES.

The problem is, most clinicians have no prior training or background in business before starting their practice. Roughly 93% of us, in fact.

That means you may throw up your hands in frustration over all there is to know as a clinician + an entrepreneur. Believe me, I get it. I’ve shed many tears over the years as I try to balance doing the therapy I love, while creating a business I believe in.

Too often, the joy of therapy gets swallowed up in the weight of marketing, invoicing, budgeting, and (boring) operations.

It’s time to find joy in the Clinical work and the Business tasks.

But here’s the good news: the skills you need are within reach. I am confident that you, as a therapist, can create a business that makes a tremendous impact on your community. I am also confident that you can learn the skills to do it without losing yourself in the process.

My name is Jaycie Voorhees, and over the past decade I have learned much about business from my own experience, as well as from other mentors, coaches, courses, and my own studies.

Now, I am here to guide those who walk the same path. You have what you need within you. Let’s bring it out so you can make your mark on the world!

Business Coaching

1:1 Business Coaching

Individual coaching will help you gain the insight, resources, and skills you need to make powerful changes in your practice. I will guide you in discovering your most pertinent areas of need, and support you in developing effective strategies for reaching your goals.

Individual Coaching Details

  • $85/30 minute coaching call
  • $150/60 minute coaching call
  • Additional resources shared during and after calls as applicable
  • Recommended 1x/week or 2x/month

Cost: $85/30 min or $150/60 min

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Mastermind Groups: Master Your Practice

Master Your Practice mastermind groups are an intimate way to make progress on your business. You will have access to an amazing community, golden resources, and learning opportunities that will transform your entrepreneurial journey.

In this community you’ll access:

  • Monthly Business Masterclass (1x/month)
  • Small Group Mastermind Calls (3x/month)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Full Access to our Business Resource Library
  • One 30 min 1:1 coaching session


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Free 30 min Strategy Session (Limit 1)

If you’re not sure whether my group or individual coaching programs are right for you, simply start with a *FREE* strategy session! You’ll come away with more clarity not only on your business now, but on where you want it to be.

In this 30 min session we will:

  • Identify the roadblocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals
  • Decide how to begin overcoming those roadblocks
  • Gain insight on how to move forward in your business

Cost: FREE (Limit 1)

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