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On Demand Courses


Marketing A to Z: The Customer Journey

This course outlines the 7 steps of the customer journey that will completely shift your approach to marketing. Like a dating relationship, the steps honor the time and process a prospect need to commit to you. You will gain insight into why prospects don’t buy right away, and how to guide them from stranger to committed customer who tells everyone else to come and find you too.


Kickstart Your Therapy Practice

Kickstart Your Therapy Practice provides a solid foundation for any clinician who wants to start or fine tune their practice. Course participants will come away with a complete business plan, as well as an understanding of finance, operations, and marketing that will get them started on building their practice with confidence.


Money Management for Therapists in Private Practice

If you have ever felt overwhelmed with invoicing, budgeting, taxes, and managing business income, this course is for you. The course provides a thorough explanation of financial principles, abundance mindset, tactical strategies for money management, and practical applications that you can start using right away. Don’t let your money rule you–take charge of your financial health!