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What if my preferred course doesn’t start soon enough?

If you are interested in a course that is not scheduled to begin for 6-9 months, we highly recommend joining another course in the meantime. If our current courses are not applicable to you, please send in a request for your course of interest to and we will consider rearranging our schedule accordingly or offering multiple courses to include your request.

Can I join a course late?

You may join an existing course if it is prior to the second official group call for the course. Late participants will be required to pay the full course fee, and will be asked to watch recordings of both the introductory call and the first group course call.

How do I know if a mastermind is right for me?

A mastermind is a powerful place to learn if you are willing to do your part. It is the right place for you if you are willing to: 

  • Take action
  • Respond well to accountability
  • Speak up within a group
  • Contribute your ideas to a group
  • Consider others ideas and remain open-minded
  • Work harmoniously with others
  • Learn, grow, and challenge yourself
  • Improve your clinical work or business
How will masterminds benefit me as a music therapist?

Mastermind groups elevate each participant’s clinical work or business through a discussion with like-minded individuals. We don’t just bounce around the ideas of what we do, we ask ourselves WHY we do it. We also value what each of us already know, and realize that when the right minds come together to share that knowledge, magic happens.


As a group participant you can expect the following benefits:

  • You will be supported and valued as an expert in your group
  • You will have accountability within your group to help you reach your goals
  • You will have insight and support as you address the WHY of music therapy 
Will there be homework?

Yes. After every call, there will be an action item for each participant. You must be willing to take action or your benefits will be minimal.

What will be my role in the mastermind group?

Your role is to be an active participant before, during, and after the group calls. This means that you will:

  • Contribute your own ideas and comments to the discussions 
  • Help keep other group members accountable
  • Be on time for each meeting
  • Contribute questions and summaries in one of your 6 group calls (You will select your topic in advance. The summary portion applies primarily to clinical groups)
  • Share examples of your clinical work, including at least one week with a detailed Intervention Description of your choice on a selected topic
What is the Intervention Description Requirement for Clinical Masterminds?

Every participant will prepare at least one Intervention Description during the three month period. Each participant will select a topic from their group syllabus, and will create a detailed intervention description to share and think through with the following elements:

      • Title of intervention
      • Goal & Objective addressed
      • Materials used
      • Beginning, middle, and end of intervention sequence
      • Client response
      • Evidence Base
        • Why do you have this goal?
        • Why did you use this intervention to address it? 
        • Did it work? Why or why not?
How many group meetings are included with each course?

For the business and clinical mastermind groups, each course will be three months long, with the group meeting every other week via Zoom. You can start a group in January, April, July, or October. 


Ethics courses will last 6 weeks, with three total meetings. These groups will also begin in January, April, July, or October.

How many participants will be in each group?

Groups will have a minimum of four participants and a maximum of eight.

What will we talk about?


Each mastermind group has a specific focus. The clinical mastermind groups focus on specific populations we serve. Currently, the groups that are available are special needs and mental health, and we will address specific areas under each of these umbrellas. 

For example, you may join a Special Needs Mastermind group with a focus on 

  • Social Skills
  • Communication
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Cognitive Skills

Within each group, we will have six weeks of topics related directly to the group focus. For example, a sample syllabus may include:



Introductory Call

Week 1: Impulse Control

Week 2: Initiation

Week 3: Engagement

Week 4: Social Reciprocity

Week 5: Play Skills (i.e. imaginative play)

Week 6:  Imitation

See “Our Courses” for more details


The business mastermind groups will focus on business-related topics such as building a private practice, marketing, finance, hiring, etc. Each month will focus on a different area, but the main intent will be to gain knowledge from other group members related to a wide variety of topics as needed from group members.

Please note that a mastermind group is not business coaching.

What is the Introductory Call? Is it Required?

Every group will begin with an introductory call, or orientation, to help all group members get on board and become oriented to their group topics. The introductory call will include:

  • What is a mastermind
    • Purpose of why we do what we do–ask, learn, collaborate
    • Each member states their definite purpose
      • What do you intend to gain from your time in your Mastermind group? 
      • How will this experience transform your work?
      • What dreams, knowledge, or understanding do you seek? 
      • How will you persist in making the attainment of your dreams a reality?
  • Flow of mastermind groups
  • Explain Research and/or Questioning requirements
    • How to find research
    • Topics–participants select their topic for the upcoming group (from provided list)
    • Summarizing research (do it in real time)
What will I gain from my time and investment in a mastermind group?

A unique wealth of knowledge from like-minded individuals. Understanding of how to ask questions, how to find answers, and how to gain insight and value from the experiences of others. 

Are CMTE’s available?

Yes. Business and clinical courses are worth 7 credits. Ethics courses are worth 3 credits.

What if the scheduled group time does not work for me?

If you want to join a mastermind group but the current scheduled times do not work for you, please let us know. If we have enough interest for a particular group, we can create a new time option to accommodate your needs.


If there are not other participants available during your preferred times, we will invite you to explore other group options, or wait until the next round of courses.

When will the mastermind groups be?

The clinical groups will be three months long. The start dates are at the beginning of each quarter:

  • January 
  • April 
  • July 
  • October 

Group calls may be scheduled on weekday mornings or evenings, or on Saturdays as arranged by each group facilitator. If you are unable to attend simply due to scheduling issues, please contact us at and let us know your topic of interest, as well as preferred meeting times. If we have enough interest in the same course for a different time, we will gladly accommodate the requests.

Will my group calls be recorded?

All group calls will be recorded, however we highly recommend being present in person in order to experience benefits from the program. If you know you are unable to attend two or more of your scheduled groups, please wait and sign up for a future mastermind group.

What if I miss a group call?

We highly recommend arranging your schedule to be present for each 60 minute mastermind group. However, we realize that life happens and that will not always be possible. In order to keep you up to date on your group, all group calls will be recorded and accessible for later view on our website.

What is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your mastermind program after 21 days (or the second group call), then we will gladly refund your money after a short exit interview, or find another mastermind group that might better meet your needs. Refund requests must be accompanied by a thorough explanation and completed course homework from the first 21 days. Refunds are granted or denied on a case-by-case basis. No refunds are given after 21 days of the first scheduled mastermind group. Partial CMTE’s cannot be granted for the missed opportunity.

Cancellations prior to the first group call must be requested in writing to, along with an explanation of the cancellation. Any cancellations prior to the first group will be charged a $30 convenience fee.

What if I pay for a group that does not fill up?

If you sign up to join a mastermind group that does not reach the minimum number of four participants, you can choose one of the following options:

  1. Get a full refund on the day the first group was meant to take place
  2. Refer a friend who joins the group, and get a 25% discount on a future course
  3. Keep your course payment as a credit for a future course