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Grievance Policy and Procedures

A. Mission Statement & Purpose

Mission of the organization 

Our mission is to create a platform where music therapists will learn to 

  1. ask the right questions, 
  2. learn to find the answers, and 
  3. reach out to each other in a supportive environment so they can transform their work and their clients

Purpose of the organization 

Our purpose is to bring board certified music therapists together to learn from one another, find answers to meaningful questions about our work, and elevate the profession of music therapy.

B. Grievance Procedures 

Participants have the right to file a grievance at any time. Any grievance must specify, in writing, any persons involved as well as a description of the issue at hand. Upon careful consideration of the grievance, the participant may receive a refund for any remaining meetings included in their mastermind group if requested.

Grievances may be submitted by email to the Music Therapy Mastermind (MTM) Program Director within 14 days of the completion of opportunity (i.e. the most recent mastermind session). The MTM Program Director will respond to the grievance within 5 business days of receipt.

C. Appeal Procedures 

Participants have the right to appeal decisions made by the MTM Program Director regarding the grievance. In order to file an appeal, the participant must contact the Program Director by email within 5 business days of receiving the initial response. 

Upon receipt of the appeal, the MTM Program Director will review the appeal with the MTM administrative team and respond within 5 business days. Participants have the right to present an unresolved grievance to CBMT’s Continuing Education Committee (CEC). (NOTE: This should occur only after the MTM Grievance Procedure has been exhausted.)