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“With Jaycie’s help to provide clarity and a written our trajectory toward my marketing goals, I was able to secure 3 marketing meetings and one successful contract within a month.”

–Samantha Hallgren

Let’s get you where you want to go!

If you have a vision for your business but are unsure how to get from Point A to Point B, Business Coaching will help you get there!

When you have big dreams, it is imperative to have the support system to go with it. That is why we have Mastermind Coaching: to bring together two or more people, in the spirit of harmony, to work toward a definite purpose.

Our definite purpose here is to help YOU improve your business in real, measurable ways.

What you will gain

  • Get clear on your business priorities & goals
  • Develop a definite purpose and vision for your business
  • Get support in working toward your goals
  • Learn how to scale down large tasks into small, actionable items to accomplish more
  • Engage with other business owners in a supportive, harmonious environment

30 min Coaching Call

60 min Coaching Call


Jaycie Voorhees, MM, MT-BC has been a Board Certified Music Therapist in Utah for over ten years. Her business, Harmony Music Therapy, employs 8 therapists and serves a wide range of clients, and has grown consistently for over 10 years. Her clinical experience includes working with children and adults with special needs and individuals with mental health challenges.

Jaycie is passionate about business, growth, and personal development, and has a unique ability to see the big picture while focusing on the present moment. In other words, when she sets goals, she works efficiently to make them happen, and she loves helping others to do the same.

What People Are Saying

“I feel motivated to have a plan and reach goals that I didn’t think was possible months ago.”

“Jaycie immediately made me feel comfortable and supported as we discussed what I have been struggling with within my business. As she facilitated our discussion I kept thinking how amazing it was that she provided a calming container while listening to my thoughts and writing out concrete steps that I can take to reach my goals.”

“Jaycie is kind and empowering! She has great insight and planning skills to help any new business owner.”

Not sure yet? Start with a 30 min Strategy Session

Not sure if you want to jump in with both feet? I offer a 30 minute strategy session where you can see if it’s a good fit!

The purpose of our business strategy session is to
1) clarify your vision & ideals for your business, and
2) take that big vision and break it down into weekly actionable steps for the next month.

You will walk away with a 4 week action plan on 1-2 priorities that you can use to move forward with your business.

If you have ever felt stuck because you don’t know how to move forward toward your goals, this is meant for you.

I look forward to connecting!

Let’s connect.