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30 min 1:1 Strategy Session

  • CMTE: 0 Credits
  • Length: 30 min
  • Dates: Schedule
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Do you need to gain clarity for your business? I’ve got you covered.

I have worked with other business coaches in the past, but I felt Jaycie’s style was the best for me. Her focused, direct, and to-the-point approach is just what my ADHD brain needed!

Jaycie was easy to talk to and provided guidance and support while also allowing me to feel empowered.

Jaycie immediately made me feel comfortable and supported as we discussed what I have been struggling with within my business. As she facilitated our discussion I kept thinking how amazing it was that she provided a calming container while listening to my thoughts and writing out concrete steps that I can take to reach my goals.

The purpose of our business strategy session is to
1) clarify your vision & ideals for your business, and
2) take that big vision and break it down into weekly actionable steps for the next month.

You will walk away with a 3 month action plan on 2 priorities that you can use to move forward with your business.

If you have ever felt stuck because you don’t know how to move forward toward your goals, this is meant for you.

I look forward to connecting!

Let’s get started.