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MASTERMIND: Financial Health for the Music Therapy Business Owner

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With Jaycie Voorhees, MM, SCMT, MT-BC

Music Therapists are trained clinicians, but have a steep learning curve if they begin a private practice. Most are not trained in financial terminology and systems, and may not know where to learn this information. This interactive course will provide both new and seasoned business owners an opportunity to learn from each other, discover new ideas for their business, and gain confidence in financial management.


This course will meet online over Zoom for one hour, every week, for seven weeks. Participants will complete 60 minutes of homework between each weekly session, totaling 6 additional hours. Homework will consist of approximately 20 minutes of application, 20 minutes of reading/research, and 20 minutes of sharing with group members.

Week 1: Program Orientation 

Week 2: The Power of Mindset: Scarcity vs. Abundance 

Week 3: Exploring Financial Terminology & Systems 

Week 4: Budgeting for My Business 

Week 5: Determining the Cash Value of Music Therapy 

Week 6: Managing Income to Serve My Business

Week 7: Creating a Business Plan at Any Stage


Jaycie Voorhees, MM, MT-BC has been a Board Certified Music Therapist in Utah for over ten years. Her clinical experience includes working with children and adults with special needs and individuals with mental health challenges. Her business, Harmony Music Therapy, employs 8 therapists and serves a wide range of clients, and has grown consistently for over 10 years.

What People Are Saying

This course couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I am recognizing that if I want different results, I need to do somethings different. And that something different is all the things we have learned in this class.” 


“This class has been so valuable for my growing business. I have loved the mastermind format that has allowed for some wonderful discussions together as business owners. The content is applicable to any stage of business, as it focuses on where you are currently at with your business goals and finances. It gives simple applications to help you have greater control over your finances and I am so excited to move forward with the knowledge that I have to help my business flourish! 

Thanks for the opportunity Jaycie! I have really enjoyed class and am SO grateful for the direction it’s given my business.” 


“I have loved taking this class. I have been doing private practice for about three years now and there are things I know I have needed to do but just haven’t taken the time and the brainpower to get it done.  This class pushed me past my excuses and I’m getting it done!  This is super exciting for me and I’m motivated more than ever to be a good, financially sound, and organized business owner and am looking even to expand my practice with the new confidence this class has given me.” 


“Music Therapy Mastermind is a great way to connect and learn from other music therapists and music therapy business owners. It’s a fun place to keep current and engage with others while earning CMTEs. I have really enjoyed the concepts being addressed in the financial health course and think it is SO critical as a MTBO to be proficient in those financial areas.” 


“I recommend Music Therapy Mastermind. As a small business owner, the information provided and discussion with other music therapy business owners has helped me to gain insight into better financial management. As business skills were not required in my music therapy training, this course has given me the opportunity to examine my current business practices, and learn and explore new ideas. This process is inspiring me to create a better business paradigm.”