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How We Are Different

A Continuing Education opportunity unlike any other


With music Therapy Mastermind, we make a conscious effort in every course to go beyond the “How” and explore the “Why”.

Why? Because when we are well informed about our field, our clients, and our work, we make a huge difference in the world of healthcare. 

As music therapists we have so much to offer, not only to our clients, but to each other. We have only begun to tap into the power of music, and if we seek to increase knowledge over what we do, extend our influence, and gain insight into the “how” and “why” of our work, imagine how many lives we could change. Imagine how many people are waiting for you to provide strength through your gift of music. 

Imagine the power that will come when music therapists coordinate, in a spirit of harmony, for the definite purpose to elevate our powerful field.

You Are The Expert

Music Therapy Mastermind is different from any other continuing education course because you are not only a student but the teacher. Mastermind is not coaching, and it is not a lecture. It is a discussion among experts that stimulates new ideas as we hear about one another’s experiences.