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MASTERMIND: Exploring the Ethics of Clinical Competency

With Abi Christian, SCMT, MT-BC

Music Therapists are trained clinicians, but may not always be aware of the boundaries of their competency, or how to become more competent in their clinical work. This can quickly become an ethical issue, if they are attempting to utilize a technique or skill that is outside of their circle of competency. Enter Music Therapy Mastermind: Exploring the Ethics of Clinical Competency! Within this course, we will dive into the terminology and definitions of competency, to help the participant reframe and assess where their current competency is, where they want it to be, and how to get it there.

Each mastermind group will have a clear, definite purpose and a facilitator to keep the group on track. Each group meets for an hour every week for 3 weeks with a specific focus as outlined in the course schedule. Group members will be accountable for their own learning, questioning, and development, with continued support from all mastermind members.   


This course will meet online over Zoom for one hour, every week, for four weeks

Week 1: Orientation and Group Introductions 

Week 2: Stages of Competence & Levels of Competency 

Week 3: Your Circle of Competency & Strengths

Week 4: Next Steps to Achieve Higher Levels of Competency  

Participants will be required to complete 40 minutes of homework between each weekly session, totalling 2 additional hours beyond the virtual meetings. This homework will consist of 10 minutes of application, 20 minutes of reading/research, and 10 minutes of reflection and sharing with group members.



Abi completed her music therapy training at Utah State University, and her clinical training at Earthtones Northwest in Portland, Oregon. Her clinical experience includes a variety of populations including memory care, assisted living, children’s hospitals, adult day cares, and mental health. Abi is currently working as a music therapist in residential treatment centers for adolescents in Southern Utah, and loves witnessing the growth and strength of her clients.