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How to Confront Feelings of Inadequacy as a Business Owner

Building and running a business is a vulnerable endeavor. You put yourself out there, reach out to people who might say no, gain and lose clients, and sometimes feel like losing work is like losing part of yourself.

Maybe you see people out there doing the same thing as you and you feel discouraged that they somehow seem to do it “better”. Maybe you feel like you can’t seem to master the business skills you want. Or maybe you feel an imposter and worry that you’ll be found out at any moment.

Whatever ignites feelings of inadequacy for you, I assure you there are thousands of us right there with you. Or at least there’s me.

As much as I hesitate to admit it, I feel moments of inadequacy Every. Single. Day. The voice in my head (the one that tries to keep me “safe”…) tries to pull me down at the slightest chance of failure.

But you know what? I keep going anyway.

Yes, sometimes I cry or get wrapped up in it for a while, but for the past 13 years, I’ve always made the choice to keep on going and build a business I love.

Why do I keep going? I believe that this work is a cause bigger than myself. It’s not about ME or my imperfections, it’s about finding people who need help.

Yes, sometimes I wonder “Who am I to think that someone could need what I have to give?” and “Who am I to think that I could be the answer to someone’s need?” But then I feel the call in my heart that says “Who are you not to be?”

In one of my recent battles with inadequacy, I sat down and wrote a song. It’s called “Who Am I”, and I want to share it with you today.

It asks these very questions I just described: who am I to think someone could need me? And it finds the answer from the deep place in my soul.

I play or reflect on this song whenever I feel discouragement rising up, and it gives me strength to keep going.

I’d like to share it with you in hopes that it will give you a boost in the times that you need it, and help you realize how much you truly have to give.


So how do you confront feelings of inadequacy?

Keep going! Trust yourself! You are doing a great work, and the world needs you.

Sending all my love,


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