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Should I Post My Therapy Rates On My Website?

Many business owners struggle with the question of whether they should display rates. It can feel a bit vulnerable knowing that other business owners know what you charge, and can even raise fear that your rates will scare customers away.

The truth is, displaying rates on your website can actually bring in more clients, and even provide other benefits to your business.

In Marcus Sheridan’s book “They Ask, You Answer”, he encourages business owners to answer customer questions on your website first so that when they call, they are ready to work with you. Here are three reasons to display your rates:

Trust & Transparency

Showing what you charge enhances your credibility through transparency. You have nothing to hide, and your customer will gain trust in you because of that. They’ll know that if you’re confident enough in your prices to display them, then your work must have some real value.

Avoid Confusion

Customers will better understand what you do and why it costs what it costs when you answer those questions on your site. Avoid confusion by addressing questions such as 1) why is this service so expensive / so cheap, and 2) why is there such a difference in price compared to other providers. Answering these questions before your customer calls will help you find clients who are ready to work with you.

Help People Find You

Displaying your rates will boost your website’s SEO. People are searching for “the cost of therapy” because they need to know the answer as they make this important decision. If your site gives them that answer, you’ll reach more people who need you. From there, they will begin to trust you, and are more likely to call for more information.

Simply put, if you want to bring in more clients who are ready to work with you, post your rates online. Your clients will gain trust in you, and you will gain confidence as well.

The reality is that the world needs your work, and what you have to offer is far too important to be sitting on the sidelines. Go show the world who you are, and change the lives you are here to change.

It’s time to make an impact.

P.S. If you’re not sure if you’re charging the right rates for your practice, let’s connect. Book a 1:1 call today

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